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Reserved .uk domain names – your .uk rights.

Does your domain end in,,,,, or domain, and did you register it before 28th October 2013? If so, the matching .uk domain may have been reserved for you until 25th June 2019 (if you don’t own it already). This could mean if you own, your equivalent .uk domain,, may have been reserved.

After 1st July 2019 any reserved .uk domains that have not been registered will be released into the public domain. This means they can be registered by anyone on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

The most obvious benefit of registering a .uk extension is that you retain exclusivity over your domain which is of great value for most businesses. With the .uk extension set to eventually become the standard and bring us in line with other country codes such as .fr for France or .de for Germany, it makes sense to secure this sooner rather than later.

How to register a .uk domain.

If you think you fall into this criteria, and would like more information on registering your own .uk domain, then you should get in contact with a member of the Align team as soon as possible so that we can process your request. The cost of a 2 year registration for a .uk domain is currently £40 +VAT.