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The official launch, now this is exciting times!

F or years we’ve been known as the creative division of LCS Group, our parent company. We really want to grow the division and prosper without the label that we are an IT support company who happen to build websites. We are in-fact we’re much more than that, with a dedicated team of in-house professionals who can help with a range of creative services from graphic design to website development, email marketing to exhibition stand supply. As such, we’ve decided to create an entirely new sub-brand, with a separate identity which will help us stand-alone and flourish.

Introducing Align Creative Studio. We’re here to partner alongside businesses who value the power of marketing, and help them generate more business by aligning their efforts and strategy to help meet their goals. Whether it’s a new website, brochures, signage, branding, PPC or anything else, there is so much we can help you with.

We’re based in the heart of Grimsby, but technology allows us to offer our services across the UK, or anywhere in the world. We believe that creative agencies like ours are best judged on their work, so take a look at our portfolio, and if there is anything you wish to learn more about please feel free to drop us an email on